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Hope is an excellent and personable instructor who inspires confidence. I highly recommend her for any position which will allow her to demonstrate her organizational and teaching skills.
~ Julian Spalding, Publishing and Advertising Consultant

Hope has been an incredible asset to me over the years. Her attention to detail and insightful criticism are unmatched by any other help I have received, and have allowed me to greatly improve both my writing skills and analytical thought-process.
~ Allie Allegra, Senior at Georgetown University
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Hope InSite excels in teaching:
• English Reading/Writing/Grammar
• French Reading/Writing/Conversation
• SAT/ACT Reading/Grammar
• Resumé/Essay/Tech Writing
• French/English translations
• Proofreading
Rhythm & Percussion

"One of my favorite things in life is to teach people. I love to see the spark of understanding light up their eyes as they open up to new knowledge and ways of thinking. A powerful communicator, I know how to bring out the best in people and work with them to fine-tune their skills and knowledge. My sunny disposition, patience and motivational skills enable adults and children alike to look forward to every tutoring session as a rewarding and fun experience!

Having lived in France for over 15 years, I bring cultural enrichment and awareness to my language tutoring. I have been tutoring all levels of French and English for over 10 years and am highly skilled in assisting kids and adults of all ages and levels in reading comprehension, writing and grammar. With my insight and clear explanations, I can help anyone go deeper into their studies."
~ Hope

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